SEN Questions compiled from parents and learners (July 2014)

We asked parents and children with additional needs what questions they would want answering about the support Woodside offers.

  • Who will be supporting my child 1:1?

The school will work with you and your child to ensure the correct provision is made for your child. This will sometimes be in the form of 1:1 or group work. This will include break and lunch time where appropriate provision will be discussed with you.

  • What qualifications and training will the support assistant need?

Discussions with you and your class teacher will take place in order that the correct support is in place for your child. Depending on your child’s needs and the qualifications of the support assistant training will be assessed and will be arranged by the school.

  • How will I receive updates about my child’s learning

All adults within the class will work with your child and will feed back to you. Regular progress meetings will be held with your child’s teacher and the Head and/or SENCo to keep you informed of new targets set and progress made.

  • What other professionals will be involved with my child?

The school may seek advice from outside agencies about your child’s learning. If this is the case you will be asked permission first and will be fully involved in any meetings or assessments that take place.

  • What if my child’s needs change?

Your child will be continually assessed for progress and regular meeting will be held with you and any professionals working with your child. At Woodside we aim to meet the needs of all individuals so as your child’s needs change we will alter our teacher in order to meet the changing need.

  • What happens if the school cannot meet my child’s educational needs?

The school will endeavour to meet your child’s needs and will seek outside support from other professionals if we feel your child is not making adequate progress.

  • Where can I go for independent advice? (Eg IPSEA)

The Norfolk Parent Partnership work from County but are independently run to give parents advice and support. They will support with meetings in school and with mediation.;

  • What happens if the school and I disagree on what my child needs?

We will endeavour to work with you and outside agencies, if necessary, to make sure we comprehend fully the needs of your child. We will listen to you as a parent, to your child and to all advice that is given, and only then make a decision on how your child’s needs are best met.

  • How often will my child’s needs be reviewed?

You child’s needs will be constantly under review. However formal meeting will take place termly to discuss new targets set and summative assessment of progress will be discussed.

  • Will my child have support to take part in school day trips and in school activity days?

If you child needs additional support in order to fully participate in school activities then this will be provided by school after assessing reasonable adjustment.


  • What happens when my child leaves the school?

When you child moves to their next educational establishment meetings will be held well in advance in order to give a reasonable amount of time for preparation and planning. Transition meetings will take place which you will be fully involved in and a transition programme will be set up as appropriate.

  • What adjusts can be made to the building to meet my child’s needs?

(Ramps, hearing loop system, more secure gates on playground etc)

Reasonable adjustments will be made to the school building in order to meet the needs of your child. These will be discussed with the Governors.


  • Is there any support available to parents locally? (Local support or charity groups on specific needs eg dyslexia, dyspraxia, autism, hearing loss, speech issues etc)

There are various support groups locally and information for these can be obtained from school and children’s services.


  • How do I know who to ask for help when I’m finding something really tricky?

Adults will help you to recognise when you need extra help and always encourage you to have a go yourself first. All adults in the class will be aware of your needs and will keep make sure that they are aware when you are struggling.

  • Can I see my child’s plan/any information the school holds about my child’s additional needs?

Any information the school has about your child will be shared with you and you can have open access to this. We aim to work together with you and your child at all times.

  • Do you allocate a specific amount of time to help my child in class?
    If so, how do I know my child receives this (is it measurable or records kept)?

Support is allocated on a needs basis and this cannot be measured in time. The school aims to meet your child’s needs and your child is entitled to support that is “additional to” the normal differentiated curriculum. This support will be discussed with you and your child.

  • Are there more details on the school’s website, if so exactly where can I find it?

All information is found in the SEN information report or through other attachments to this report.

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