Ideas and resources to help support learning at home:

  • Regular phonics practise will really help with basic reading skills. RWI Phonics. Sounds. Sets One, Two and Three give you all the sounds in the order that we teach them.
  • Use these handy cards to practise RWI Phonics. Sounds. Sets Two and Three.
  • These word lists are a really useful resource when teaching different sounds.
  • Write a daily diary of what you have been up to at home.
  • Write clues for a treasure hunt around your home or garden.
  • Write a book review of a story you have just read.
  • Publish a book! Write your own version of your favourite story and make it into a mini book with drawings.
  • Write what you would like to be when you grow up and why? Or write a list of things you would like to be able to do when you are older. Can you make it into a poem and add some pictures?
  • Learn and practise spelling the 'Tricky' Red Words. Can you write them in a sentence?
  • Write a poem or a riddle.
  • Write ‘What am I?’ clues for someone to guess an animal or object.
  • Write a letter or email to a friend, family member, teacher or key worker. Email a photo of it or stick it up in your home window.
  • Make up your own game and write instructions for how to play it.
  • For older children, set them the challenge to write for a real purpose, from writing a letter to the local council to writing poems for greetings cards. Brea in Year Three has become the editor of her own newspaper! Have a read of Kids in Isolation Times (KIT) here! KIT. Issue One.

Useful websites:

  • Read Write Inc (RWI) phonics are scheduling free phonics lessons for children to watch at home. Three short speed sounds lessons are available each day. Can the children write the words they have learnt to read after and also write a sentence using one of the words?
  • Phonics activities and games available for free!


  • Read online interactive stories and play various phonics games.


  • Mr Thorne does phonics! Online videos about each phonics sound.


  • Lots of resources and games for all stages of phonics learning.


  • Oxford owl/reading tree – huge selection of online books. Sign up for free.


  • Epic reading has a huge selection of online books which is free until Summer.


  • Help your child learn to read with the  Alphablocks programmes on cbeebies. (More advanced sounds and additional programmes are also available on youtube.)


  • Online interactive stories and traditional tales.


  • Lots of interactive games for English!


  • Loads of interactive games for English and phonics.


  • Videos with songs and dance routines to help with English grammar.


  • A picture a day with linked activities.


  • To inspire football fans, try these home learning resources by The Premier League!



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