Physical Education

At Hethersett Woodside, we are passionate about developing a lifelong positive attitude towards physical activity, exercise and sport, for every pupil in the school. Through Physical Education, students will develop their knowledge about the positive effects of exercise on their physical, social and mental health, and develop a passion and life-long commitment for exercise. As a result, this motivates and inspires all students to engage in a healthy active lifestyle inside and outside of school.

Alongside developing their sport specific skills and improving their fitness, pupils develop a range of interpersonal skills. Teamwork, problem solving, leadership and communication skills are encouraged throughout the pupil’s time in Physical Education. Students are given the opportunity to develop these skills through leading warm-ups, cool-downs, competing as part of a team and undertaking the role of a coach and official.

Children are encouraged to describe and make conclusions on their own and others work, and to use their observations and judgements to improve performance. We believe in the importance of drawing cross-curricular links and pupils are taught about the effects of exercise on the body in science as well as PE. 

Ideas and resources to help support learning at home:

  • Sanford Fit: Get fit with lots of easy-to-follow videos, as well as loads of neat ideas on staying healthy.

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