We want children to enjoy learning through involvement in a meaningful, purposeful and relevant curriculum that develops lively, enquiring minds and gives children key knowledge and skills for life. Through our school curriculum, we are …

Growing lifelong learners who care share and shine

At Hethersett Woodside, we implement a knowledge-engaged curriculum. Our school curriculum is designed so that knowledge is acquired progressively but that children think carefully about their prior learning, so understanding is linked to what has been understood before. 

In this way, the learning is ‘sticky’. By this we mean that knowledge will be adopted much better because children have an opportunity to review previous learning. They begin by thinking about what they have already learned and then all new knowledge and skills have a strong foundation on which to sit. 

Through acquiring knowledge in this way, children will begin to develop skills, across a range of subjects. Through this development of skills, within a broad and balanced curriculum, children become well-rounded learners.

Our knowledge-engaged curriculum seeks to make as many cross-curricular links as possible, because we believe in learning that is rooted in relevant, meaningful contexts. 

Our topics are organised so that a new theme is explored each half-term. The theme may allow for multiple learning opportunities across the curriculum but these sit under a key line of enquiry. The skill of enquiry one which we value particularly and we want to inspire this through asking questions and discovering the answers.  

There is also discrete teaching of certain subjects for which we adopt a more knowledge-led approach. This approach is used where there is more national curriculum content. In Maths, for example, we apply a learning approach centred around mastery.   

First and foremost, through our school curriculum, children will have developed a cultural capital which is distinct to our school; children’s place in the world and the value they can add to it. 

Knowledge will have been thoroughly acquired, spirally so it will not be flimsy but connected to a deep-rooted understanding of many different areas.

We also aspire to have developed well-rounded individuals with a broad range of fundamental skills. Through this, we will have created true learners, who will be inspired to thirst for more knowledge and to broaden and enhance their skill set.

Please note, our curriculum is currently undergoing some key developments. We will do our best to keep you informed of our offer but parents may find it useful to refer to our half-termly curriculum letters for up-to-date information. These can be found on our Classes page.

The National Curriculum

The statutory National Curriculum is the programme of study which set out the content which must be taught by the end of each Key Stage. The National Curriculum is made up of three core subjects:

English               Maths               Science

There are also other foundation subjects:

Art & Design         Computing         Design & Technology         Geography

Languages        History        Music        Physical Education

There are also other subjects which are also statutory. These are:

Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education (PHSE)

Relationships and Sex Education (RSE)

Religious Education

Early Years Foundation Stage

The statutory framework for the early years foundation stage sets out the standards for learning, development and care for children, from birth up to the age of five.

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