Ideas and Resources for Supporting Home Learning: Music

  • Sing Up is a resource we use at Woodside to teach our music curriculum.

    They now have a website resource for families to use at home at this time.

    There is a ‘Song of the Week’ feature with videos to learn from which looks great fun. There are playlists of songs and activities from which to choose, tips for good singing and performance ideas. You can even upload videos of yourselves performing your songs for the people at Sing Up to see.
  • Join Sonic Explorer J as he travels to different locations to explore the many sounds that can be found. Watch video clips to visit a jungle, garden, under the sea, a beach, a supermarket and prehistoric times as part of the quest to find new sounds, and think about how they relate to their environment.
  • Play the interactive game to explore the different elements that make up a song. You can sing, play or clap along then listen back to your own version of songs. There are five songs to enjoy and have fun with.
  • Out of the Ark: Song to help with the rhythms and routines of your new daily life, all with challenges and activities to choose as well.
  • Music Lab: Fun music games to explore, create and play.

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