Religious Education

Our aim for children at Hethersett Woodside is to equip them with religious literacy, to enable them to have informed conversations about faith and life. They will learn about different religions and world views people have to help them better understand the world in which they live. Children will learn to understand a variety of religions and worldviews through the different lenses of theology, philosophy and human and social sciences.

Religious Education is part of the broad and balanced curriculum promoted at Hethersett Woodside and is a statutory subject, the content of which is decided locally and is taught using the 2019 Norfolk Locally Agreed Syllabus

Religious Education must be provided for all pupils, but parents may withdraw pupils if they submit a request to the school.  Christianity is the most populous religion in the UK so that is reflected in the proportion of RE that is taught. We aim for RE to be representative of our school context.

Throughout their time at Hethersett Woodside, pupils will encounter a range of t religions and worldviews, some will be studied in more depth, others will be encounters with different religions and worldviews. We learn with an enquiry-based through stories, art, objects and artefacts, visits to religious buildings when possible and welcoming visitors from different religions and worldviews to discuss their beliefs. We strongly encourage children to ask questions to explore and clarify their understanding of what they have learnt as we ultimately aim for children to become religiously literate and engage in informed conversations both in school and in  the wider world. 

Ideas and resources for supporting learning at home:

  • Learn about lots of different religions with BBC Bitesize!

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